Storage at Nordic-Gateway

We are specialists in storage and logistics. Our front edge competence lies in the handling of large ranges of products, storage and distribution.

Nordic Gateway AB with storage, distribution and coordination. We package, store and distribute printed material and marketing material. Together with our customers we grow and develop to meet the constant changes to the markets.

During a year our assignments may vary from large campaigns to daily dispatches with a wide range of quantity and involvement.

Due to our long term cooperation with our customers we are constantly able to improve logistic chains and bring down costs.

We follow a structured system of standards that ensures the high quality of our services. Another reason behind our success in offering high quality services is the competence and long experience of our staff.

Strengths of the companies

The strong stability of the companies, with highest ratings from the credit rating agencies, broad competence and flexibility strengthens our long term engagement in our customers.

Our strategic location in Nässjö is logistically a perfect position, having more than 6.5 million inhabitants in the Nordic countries within a radius of 280 kilometres.

The companies work across the borders to establish as effective a handling as possible for the customers.

Do you need help to increase effiency, and lower your costs for logistics and capital binding?

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